Awkward dating moments

2. When you accidentally let out an embarrassing bodily noise
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Generally, this is carried out with the best of intentions, these being to assist you in navigating the dating stages and to determine if they are the right one for you. How to deal with it: Take what you need from a conversation and leave the rest.

The simple answer is communication. Instead of doing your head in and wondering or guessing what they are thinking, the best way forward is to talk about it. Although in the initial stages of dating this is a difficult conversation to have because you lack insight into how your partner is likely to respond, it beats living in uncertainty. By being upfront in the early stages, it will assist in setting the tone for communication in the relationship where you can both operate out of openness.

2. Spilling Food or Drink

The key when faced with this scenario is to keep it light, never attack. At times this results in some couples being hesitant to show their hand first and have an open and honest conversation about their expectations. After all, how much do you really know about this girl?


Awkward Dating Moments – How To Deal With Them

Do you know what she was like as a kid? What and who is most important in her life and why?

Trying to fight or avoid that tension usually just makes it worse. But if you bring attention to it and point it out, that tension will often dissolve on its own. By doing that you not only relieve that tension, but you will come across as both more fun and confident to the women you date.

Rather than getting worked up about what you should do or say to get rid of an awkward silence just relax and embrace it. Instead learn to love it and enjoy basking in that awkwardness.

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Women are attracted to men who can stay strong in tense situations, so your ability to handle that tension is going to go a long way in getting her interested. Mindless chatter can often get in the way of deeper connection.

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When that awkward moment comes stay right there in the present moment with her. Need more smart memes?

5 Awkward First Date Moments, And How To Avoid Them – U92

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