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  1. The best nerdy dating events in Toronto this week
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I like a little mystery.

Toronto Speed Dating - Singles Events - Matchmaking

I personally hate going on Facebook. I compare my life to others and it makes me feel sad. And when I don't go on Facebook, I feel content with my life. There are local "nerd" and gaming bars and such that do mixers and parties and singles nights and stuff like that. I've heard they are a mixed bag, especially if going alone, but at least it's in your wheelhouse.

I've a friend who is really into cosplay and anime and junk, she goes sometimes but she also has a bunch of nerd friends to hang with and isn't looking to pick up dudes most of the time. I was going to meet up with a friend and spend time with more friends. As if I would know what it means.

The best nerdy dating events in Toronto this week

I'm sure if you ever wanted to come around to Kristina's place you could hand my ass to me on a platter in Mario Kart or whatever. I thought for a minute that I was going to end up scared and confused while a girl was angry and disappointed. I get enough of that irl, don't need it online, too.

Nerd Nite: Spaced and Confused

FanExpo usually runs speed dating events. I think they sometimes even offer genre specific events like sci-fi, gaming etc. I went to one of those once and made a friend. Your problem is that your OKC bios are too normal and fake so when people go on dates with you, you come across as insincere. Just be fully yourself and let the OKC algorithms find you your perfect match.

I met my husband on OKC and you can likely find your spouse there too. Just be fully honest, especially in the questions section of your profile. Then date your top matches until it feels right. I have similar, pissing-Everyone-off views about most other subjects that people feel strongly about. Catch it at Rockpile Dundas West on September Skip to main content. Home News Think Free: Back to Search Results.

NOW Newsletters Sign up to receive the latest from nowtoronto. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Anime North's idea of "geeky": If that one doesn't work out for you, Nerd Nite is having a speed dating event on June 2.

This message was created by a bot. Even if this event is a total failure, the idea may grow.

Local speed dating online matches matches matches

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10 fun ways to geek out this summer in Toronto

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