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Its warm tropical climate, gorgeous coastal plains, rainforests, and active volcanoes make Nicaragua an increasingly popular tourist destination. Are you man from Nicaragua? Seeking woman for long term relationship or marriage? Post your profile for free. Sign In Join for Free. Keep me signed in.

Join for Free Forgot password? Single men from Nicaragua seeking for Marriage. I can relate to him more than someone who has just seen it because I really have lived it to a degree.. So they went to live with his grandparents.

Caught Between Two Worlds

After he finished high school he went to live with his aunt while he studied in Honduras and he did even more chores there for all of his older cousins and also took care of a baby another thing men would NEVER do.. Okay, so maybe he does now..

I was just surprised. Another awkward thing is people assume that because I married him he was from a really rich Nicaraguan family.. How do you explain where he came from without making someone feel totally awkward or think less of him.. I love that life, his life, his culture.

I both love and hate being the gringuita. I think gringuita means that I will always be caught in the middle, suspended between two cultures and two colors waiting for the time that I may fully be classified as one or the other… and yet that time will never come. I live in Miami where there are tons of Central Americans, mostly Hondurans, like my husband, but people from Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala too, and it is not easily accepted that the men become Americanized. I have struggled with it a lot with my husband, their machista ways are tough to break and think you are both so blessed to have been able to blend with each other so well.

This truly warmed my heart! I really enjoyed my life in Honduras and then later in Nicaragua. It was an experience of a lifetime.

Revista Envío - Nicaragua’s Sexual Culture: A Loveless Legacy

Yes, I think my husband has adapted so well to life in Oklahoma City. I agree, the machista attitudes and customs are so hard to break and can be very frustrating. Did you meet your husband in Miami? So many comments and sentiments from this Gringuita are dead-on to my own… and then there are distinct differences in cultural perspective that are simply a pleasure to read! This is one of my favorites of her posts so far.

Hola Gringuita, thank you for sharing your experience. I am married to a Dutch man and I hope someday he will live in my country as well. I was honestly immersed in the culture before I even knew my husband, but the fact that I understood his culture has been an enormous help to us in our married life. I think it would be great for your Dutch husband to live in your country as well. I hope that works out someday!

Reblogged this on Fashionistas. Wow, this was an amazing experience to read about. I never thought about the challenges facing couples from different cultures, as ignorant as that sounds. It must have been amazing to live parts of his life and see exactly what he went through as a child and teen.

That would surely strengthen any bond! Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Nicaraguan Men

I hope you and Moya are doing well! I stumbled across your blog and I absolutely fell in love! I was recently in Nica and even though at first it was a challange to adapt to it truely is such a satifying way of life, especially when you are there to preach! One of the reasons why I like your blog is because of your love story… I am in a similar situation and was trying to find if anyone else had or is going through what I am. On my trip down I fell in love with a Nicaraguan ….

I have so many questions for you…like how long the two of you lived in nica for and how did the two of you end up in the states? Im sorry if it seems like I may be noisy but I feel like unles you are in the same situations….. I met my husband while I was living in Honduras.

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We spent almost two years together dating before getting married. It was almost always a long distance relationship except for the end because even when we were both in Honduras, I was on the other side of the country. We came to the US when he got his finance visa so we could get married here. I desperately wanted to have my wedding there with all of my close friends, but my family insisted on it being here.

We ended up staying, but have plans to go back to Honduras after he gets his US citizenship. What part of Nicaragua were you in? How much time did you spend there? It has been nice to read your blog.

I am dating a Nicaraguan Male and are discussing marriage. It scares me becomes it comes with so many changes.

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Glad you found it interesting. We have two little girls, 18 months and 4 and life is nonstop. Are you in the US or in Nicaragua or another country?