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  1. Plentyoffish success or insanity storiesanyone have any? - Off Topic - PocketFives
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  3. anyone have an actual success story with POF or okcupid?
  4. Any Plenty of Fish SUCCESS stories (POF dating website)?

Oh how I miss those times. Karma caught up to me though, my first real gf I met off myspace and she was a absolute freak and a psycho who ended up ruining my life for a year or two. Considering you consider your wife a "10" I emailed this beauty to ask her if the mole she mspainted over in her armpit was as big as the one on her face. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.

Plentyoffish success or insanity stories Posted January 12, Anyone meet and end up seriously dating anyone? Does that even happen?

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I'm pretty sure success on POF is when you don't get herpes. Post her crazy pic ffs. Posted January 12, edited. Edited January 12, by TheBigEarn.

Oh and what bigearn said. Im convinced most girls are on there for an ego boost. I miss being single sometimes: Bet smokecock sneaked a pic of his wife in there to test OT's reaction.

Helpful hints, tips and articles that may facilitate your fat loss. Come at me bro! Originally Posted by Brahesthetics. Nothing finer in the land than a drunk, obnoxious Georgia fan! Out of curiosity what ages are these women you are going after. I noticed everyone who's had success is around my age. Signed up for the lulz, actually impressed by some of the chicks ive seen on it.

Originally Posted by LateNightAlumni. Last edited by The Brick; at Met a girl on there. I've met a few quality girls off it. Added a few to facebook the past few days, might make an effort with them Few quality girls and a lot of DTF ones Dated 1 girl for 8 months from there Another 1 for 4 months Both of those were not DTF within the first few weeks Have had my share of dtf women from those as well I'm engaged to a girl I met on okcupid last year. Personalities match perfectly and she's going to be an RN grads in May I did have to look through about profiles to find girls worth messaging.

Over confident whales Strong myspace angles Fat girls saying thin body type StrongDTF uglies yet to meet one 7 or above from there If your good looking don't expect to meet a solid hottie from there but be prepared to be spammed by uglies. You just don't meet quality, Me and a mate used the same profile. Boring and generic, different Pictures, I used mine with abs showing. He used his, just face profile in a week, He maybe got 5 messages. I got about 20, all from obese, unnatractive, desperate, shallow women. The majority with kids.

You might meet someone after a lot of time and effort, but for my mind. Jan 31, 1. I've had no luck. The ppl I meet are full of games but when you think about it, that site is like a huge mall for dating.

Too many options for peeps to be serious. Not to mention considering it's a free site. I believe the higher priced sites may be a better way to go cause that's how you know who's really serious about settling down. But that just on my end. Anyone meet someone off POF and had a long term relationship?

Plentyoffish success or insanity storiesanyone have any? - Off Topic - PocketFives

Jan 31, 2. My friend got pregnant! Is that a success story? Jan 31, 3. Why isn't the working?

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Jan 31, 4. Jan 31, 5. What type of man are you looking for?? I think your best bet is to get a part-time job or a volunteer position putting you in front of men. Or join a Martial Arts, Boxing or Crossfit class.

anyone have an actual success story with POF or okcupid?

I don't know what it is, but things that are free attract morally low class men Jan 31, 6. I went on a few dates from there. I did meet a decent acquaintance But surprisingly I met someone worthwhile on a website called Badoo. I get fewer msgs on there while my POF is completely flooded.

Jan 31, 7.

Any Plenty of Fish SUCCESS stories (POF dating website)?

You're better off meeting a man offline. Jan 31, 8. Jan 31, 9. Jan 31, I found a lot of single baby mothers ready to settle down My friend had to trick a man into taking her to a movie so she could run away from him. He met her whole family coming to pick her up, gave his full name, license plate number, where he went to school and everything.

He kept locking her in his car, trying to take her phone from her whenever she took it out and invading her personal space during their date grabbing the upper part of her arm to walk to restaurant table, stroking her hair, trying to "play fight" in the car. She said he wouldn't take her back home after she asked a couple of times so she told him she wanted to see a movie, told him she had to use the restroom then booked it: She always had folks that would blow up her inbox with the craziest messages.

Not the traditional, creeptastic online messages, these sons of bitches were creative with their fuckshit: